How to identify authenticity of the Canada Goose

Like many world class leading brands like CanadaGoose caused it by many manufacturers imitate the success of the brand, there are many fakes. Often called online buy Canada goose jacket was fake. Now we teach people to identify the authenticity, uncover fake really are.

From many years ago, CanadaGoose womens jackets have a hologram label. If you purchased a Canada Goose jacket is not a hologram tag, then you probably bought a fake.

Official website of the Canada Goose ( itself does not sell products directly, but following some online sales Web site of the Canada Goose. If you are not sure whether their Web sites can be trusted, you can check out the following Web site.

CanadaGoose parka online authenticity rarely discounted. Integrity network websites such as eBay are marked with “authentic” or “100% the real thing”, the price is not very much different from the retail price. Unknown little shop easy to buy fake goods.


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Fakes often use feathers, feather residue or other fillers instead of goose down fill jacket. These materials often carry bacteria, fungus or mildew, harmful to health. Similarly, they will use raccoon, dog or other unknown animal hairs in place of genuine fur collar.
But fakes can also do not refund when you return, causing you property damage.
Recommended practice:
Try to buy discount Canada Goose toronto product from an authorized dealer and save the receipt.
5 simple methods:
1) clothing there is no laser seal labels
2) hairs on the clothing does not use Wolf hair
3) zippers are not manufactured by YKK
4) Logo on clothing online manual is poor
5) clothes the color of a difference from the official website

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