Canada Goose night burst red secret

When it comes to high-end down jacket, originating in France Italy luxury brand Moncler is often the first into everyone’s mind. However, the winter of 2015, founded in 1957, has been low-key sneak down jacket brand virtually overnight fires all over the world, both China and the United States on social media, their exposure is very high, which is from Canada’s Canada Goose.

Canada Goose, President Daniel Reiss told United States news site the Daily Beast, the brand has more than 20 years of relationship with Hollywood, he said: this brand is “every cold location film crews (non-) official jackets. “In addition, extreme weather such as the Iditarod dog sled race sports scene, Canada goose Sale this brand of down jackets abound. However, Canada Goose is still not a popular household name.
Marketing Expert Rob Fields in the United States site PSFK has published an article, from the seven reveals secret of Canada Goose suddenly becomes famous.

1) extreme weather
Men’s overall trend of outdoor, partly due to the popularity of outdoor sports, partly because of extreme weather becoming more common around the world. For example, in the winter of 2014, New York has gone 14 games Blizzard. It makes people more eager to bring a sense of high quality clothing.
2) local hand made
As a response to today’s excessive digital life, increasing people’s preference for hand-made from children’s clothes, chocolate, beer, coffee, localized manual production of products are favored. Since its inception, Canada Goose in Canada local artisanal production, it conforms to the trend.
3) simple and pure
Whether it is digital or material, is now “broken homes” the simple life. Maybe people will throw out 7788 clothes and spend 600~1200 of dollars investing in a durable thick coat.
4) unique
Not everyone is yearning for durability, but who wants one. Grey Simone Pratt says, “… High prices make people desire for this brand, combined with excellent insulation and unpredictable price. “Circular coat of arms seems to be brand-specific claim: not everyone can have the dress.
5) new social identities
Diageo Calvin Burwell said, when you see the brand coat of arms for the first time, I can’t help thinking a boy scouts badge elite clubs and field activities. He said: “it conveys the power of the brand, allowing more and more non-manual workers hope to do some very useful things, such as fire, shoot, Cheap Canada goose drive dog sleds? Especially for urban dwellers, these skills are not only strange and difficult to live with. Therefore, they have become a new social identity. “Free worker Stuart Mattson gave further explanation: Canada Goose, Best Made the brand” is not only in the eyes of people such as Bruce Weber fashion and durable, these were superficial,Canada goose Outlet glitter and urban pop values declined. ”
The other hand, the editor in Chief of The Talkhouse Michael Azerrad said, the brand took advantage of human worship of authority, such as firefighters, police officers and soldiers. He said: “after 911, people began to blind worship of authority. Canada Goose jacket coat of arms look like some authoritarian State border guard … ”
6) mouth
Independent digital Planner Winston Ford is also exploring the secrets of Canada Goose rising, he even stopped interviews with street. On a trip to a subway train in Harlem, New York, he heard a group of teenagers boasted the Canada Goose, which made him feel, in terms of brand communication, played no small part in through word of mouth. “Every person you talk to me, saying how good product only. Plus media advertising and Flash logo on the streets, forming a powerful market mechanism. ”
7) celebrity
Canada rapper Drake (bottom left), highly influential, although it is not clear how many people buy Canada Goose because of him, but the long-term cooperative relationship can be traced back to even before he hit.

The above factors, other brands will be able to copy the Canada Goose’s success? Not necessarily! Unique brand marketing, a variety of genes, lasting cultural penetration, Canada goose Online and now several major trends after the collision and fusion, brand a real chance fame.
Consumer desire is critical to brand success. Our culture is permeated by a potentially anxiety-political unrest, war, disease, extreme weather, financial turmoil, digital overload, brand who can soothe these worries, and may in the future become a real winner!

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